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雲翔接受香港好工網訪問 / HKGoodJobs.com interviews Scud ( Artwalker ) -- Tue, 30 Jul 2013 15:55
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「近江八幡」餐廳現已開業!/Restaurant “Omi Hachiman” is now open! ( Artwalker ) -- Wed, 27 Mar 2013 20:04
位處銅鑼灣的「近江八幡」餐廳已經開幕了!餐廳美食由型男大廚Simon譚漍燁及Byron彭罡原主理,Thomas Price白梓軒、Osman洪智傑及Adrian香子俊亦不時會到店內幫忙哦!




「近江八幡」facebook page:

Looking for delicious food in Causeway Bay? Now you can have a better choice! Restaurant “Omi Hachiman” is now open! The gourmet food is prepared by our handsome chef Simon Tam and Byron Pang. Thomas Price, Osman Hung and Adrian Hung will also come and help in the restaurant!

To celebrate the grand opening, customers who spend more than
HKD500 can get one of these items as gift: ‘Love Actually… Sucks! Photo Album’, ‘Amphetamine Photo Album’, ’Permanent Residence Photo Album’, ‘Artwalker review booklet’. The numbers of photo albums and booklets are limited, Come and taste quick!

17 Shelter Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

"Omi Hachiman" Homepage:

"Omi Hachiman" facebook page:

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藝行者網上商店大優惠!/Big discount at Artwalker online shop now! ( Artwalker ) -- Wed, 27 Mar 2013 18:10
2013年藝行者除了忙於新片製作外,我們亦正在籌備於七月搬遷至新辦公室。為慶祝喬遷, 藝行者網上商店將進行大優惠!


Artwalker is going to move to a new office in July! To celebrate, our online shop is now having a big discount for you.

Starting from today, ‘Love Actually… Sucks! Photo Album’, ‘Amphetamine Photo Album’, ’Permanent Residence Photo Album’, ‘Artwalker review booklet’ and all movie posters in our online shop are in 50% off now! Purchase before the products are out of stock!

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